5 ways to stand out in the classroom, workplace and beyond

Have you ever made a comment/question at work/school and there was no response then a male colleague repeats the comment/question and gets overwhelming positive response? How can women support each other in the classroom, workplace and beyond? It is not only men who are quick to shut down a woman’s ideas – women are just as guilty in doing it to each other.
Here are my 5 ways to stand out in the workplace and school environment
1. Be confident and don’t be afraid to say the wrong thing. Studies have confirmed that male colleagues tend to be more talkativeness than female counterparts.
2. If you hear a female colleague’s opinion/question dismissed, repeat and support their statement and give them credit.
3. When interrupted don’t pack up and jump back in your box. Also don’t resort to anger. Respond with cool and calm statement  like: ‘I know you will want to hear the end of what I have to say.”
4. Body language – occupy the space around you.  Don’t close your body, be mindful of your body language.
5. Avoid reading word by word from your notes. You will lose your audience. Have a short summary card in front you.
Step out of the comfort zone. You deserve to be in that seat. Your opinion matters.

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  1. Practical steps, thank you for sharing

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