At least 37 asylum seekers were killed and 150 more were injured when thousands tried to cross the Moroccan border into Melilla, Spain on Friday, 24 June 2022.

Many came from Chad, Niger, Sudan and South Sudan.

Some migrants died from suffocation or crushing because of a stampede provoked by Moroccan police charges. Other deaths may have occurred when some fell from the top of the fence: at the place on the border where the massacre took place, the border fence rises to between 6 and 10 meters in height. Others may have been directly killed by police who hit them with stones and batons.

Police forces of the two sides of the border worked collaboratively in “a joint operation,” with tear gas and baton charges against the crowd from both sides.

It is heartbreaking and inhumane how these asylum seekers were treated at the Melilla border.

We are all human. No life is no valuable than another. BLACK LIVES MATTER!

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