In 2018 the world celebrated Mandela’s 100 year legacy. In March African leaders signed the African Continental Free Trade: the largest free trade agreement since the creation of the World Trade Organisation. This deal will shift and thrust Africa into prosperity. Then what a way to end 2018! Ms Sahle-Work Zewde has been elected as Ethiopia’s first female president. President Zewde is currently the only female head of state in Africa. She joins other female president changing the world (Check out the female heads of states here). Her position and visibility will empower girls in Ethiopia. Her rise will inspire all African girls that they too, can lead. 

In 2018 She is Africa launched the series highlighting Africa female freedom fighters. Other featured articles were: 5 African green initiatives to love; 10 trailblazing African women in sports; women in agribusiness ; 5 African young inventors you should know10  African women in STEM .  In 2019 She is Africa is launching in Africa reconciliation & justice series that will put the spotlight of how African factions have handled and addressed injustice and reconciliation.

From She is Africa, I wish you a Merry Christmas and prosperous 2019!