Taking up space as a women often means being unnecessarily apologetic or playing your talents down. Today, as we celebrate Women’s Day, we honour women taking up space in history and current times.

Women taking up space in decolonizing Africa

We honour the ancient queens of Africa who ruled their kingdoms and squared off with colonialists.

We look back at women who fought for our freedom by fighting colonialism and racism. They stood side by side with their comrades, like Nelson Mandela and Julius Nyerere, to fight for equal rights. Yet history books are weirdly silent on their brave contributions to the African people.

Women taking up space in science & technology

We celebrate women whose inventions and discoveries changed the world. Who discovered the composition of the stars? Who cured leprosy? Who was instrumental in getting the first American spacecraft into space? Who invented call-waiting? Women!

The Nobel Peace Prize is a prestigious international award. There have been 52 women Nobel prize winners between 1901 and 2018. Here are 3 African women who are Nobel Prize winners.

Women taking up space in government & politics

We love to see women taking up space in seats of authority. Women are entering presidential offices. We are inspired by women like Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala who shattered the glass ceiling to be the first women and first African to be appointed as the Director of the World Trade Organisation.

Roles in peace and security were stereotypically set aside for men.  However these four women are protecting the continent and trailblazing by bringing women’s voices and leadership in the area of peace and security.

Women taking up space in sport

Sport has enormous power to generate social, economic and environmental change. It is a tool to empower girls and women. Sadly, participation in sports has been discriminatory, with men being favoured over women, as sport has been considered to be an ‘inappropriate’ field for women. According to a BBC survey, around 83% of 63 sports analysed offered the same prize money for both men and women. But this leaves 17% of sports that still have a gender pay gap, and this gap runs into the millions. Here are 10 inspiring trail-blazing women in sports that you should know.

Salute to all the women doing their thing! We love to see it!