8 March 2020. This is the first International Women’s Days of the decade!  International Women’s Day pays tribute to all women regardless of what they do or the choices they make.  Today celebrates womens achievements in the economic, social, cultural and political spheres throughout history and across nations.  It is also an important day to highlight gender equality and parity.

The importance of International Women’s Day

IWD is still more important that ever. It has been 109 years after the first International Women’s Day; there is still much to be done. A new UN report has that found at least 90 percent of men and women hold some sort of bias against women.  The report also revealed that close to 50 percent of men said they had more right to a job than women.  Almost a third of respondents thought it was acceptable for men to hit their partners.  The study also found that are no countries in the world with gender equality.

Her possibilities are endless 

Today we are honouring trailblazing girls and women who have shattered glass ceilings and increased the possibilities for the women of tomorrow.

Women in care work

We pay special tribute to women who are care workers. Their role is often unseen but their impact is momentous in the lives of children and people around them. They are often unpaid yet the work is physically and emotionally taxing.

Women in political roles

The number of female heads of states is lower today than five years ago.  However there are more women in parliament. Check out who are the current female heads of government.

Women in sports.

Sports has stereotypically viewed as an activity for men. However women are magic on the field. Check out our favourite women in sports post.

Women in the labour market

Gender equality is good for business.  Women are paid less than men and are much less likely to be in senior positions. Read about 10 females CEOs who are aiming for the stars and breaking their glass ceiling on their way up.

Women in film

Traditionally women’s role in film is relegated to actress while men create and control the content. However these women are showing that they can be anything they want, including film directors.

Women as inventors and in STEM

Women have won prestigious awards in the sciences. Their research has made the world a better place. Here are 14 female inventors who changed the world. 

Walk your own path. Be relentless in pursuing your dreams.

Rise to the occasion. Even when you fail. Keep rising.

Occupy your space. Enlarge your space. Own your space.


Your story counts, whether it is written in history book or not.

Your voice matters. Keep using it.

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